Friday, September 16, 2016

Hello, again!

A new season has opened up and we are working together again! The neck deep in diaper feeling with my two precious children is lifting and now I have found grace in my schedule to get back into teaching and learning! And even more special, we are able to be in a musical environment again! We are very thankful for each moment and treasuring the days to come!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The fun didn't stop at Graduation!

Our lives changed for the best when we received a call from Kristi from Palmetto Performing Arts inviting us to have Kindermusik in her studio. She thought it would be a great fit, and it sure is! Here are some photos of the past year in Kindermusik classes...

The Power of Mommy and Me Time..
                                                       Circle Dances are always a winner!

                                                          Daddys are always welcome!
                                            Especially MY Mom and Dad. :) Julee Salisbury, my
                                            mother is a Kindermusik Director and Educator, and has been for
                                            30 years! We've truly been able to learn from the best.
                                              My Dad might as well be a teacher, too. :) Here they are
                                          in class, with our son Walt Lewis. A very special time by all!
                    Moving into the studio meant loads of musical instruments. (OUT of my house :)
                                          We've come so far, it's been a beautiful journey...a journey
                                         that never ends! It's a joy and honor to have Bryann in class
                                        and influencing our son. Walt Lewis will always know her, and
                                                             that is very special to me.

......More to come!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Bryann Burgess graduated from the University of South Carolina's Carolina LIFE program.
Did you know the LIFE part stands for "Learning Is For Everyone?"
She also completed her licensing hours for Kindermusik International!
Have you ever seen a more happy graduate? 

Congratulations, Bryann!

PS: This blog is just now catching up! Mrs. Ally had her baby in September and has been slightly preoccupied! :)