Thursday, February 10, 2011

We would like to share with you, a news clip from our local WLTX TV station by Lauren Talarico.

Teacher Born With Down Syndrome Breaks Stereotypes

Congratulations, to Bryann Burgess and her family!


“Your journey never ends. Life has a way of changing things in incredible ways.”

-Alexander Volkov

Without all of you.... this would be impossible...

A special thanks to Kindermusik International, for creating such wonderful teaching materials and classroom materials for us to learn and grow from, and to share with others the magic of how 'a good beginning' never ends.

Thank you to CarolinaLIFE, and the folks at the University of South Carolina for your support and guidance throughout this continuing process. Without you, this opportunity wouldn't exist.

Also, thank you to the parents and teacher staff at Harmony School, who so graciously shared their children with us so the spirit of the class could be captured, paired hand in hand with Bryann's passion for life, learning, and teaching.

Congratulations, Bryann! You are truly an inspiration to us all, and your passion and love for learning is outstanding. Thank you for bringing your authenticity to class, for becoming the beautiful young lady you were created to be, and thank you for teaching from the utmost compassion and from your heart for these children.

To Bryann's parents....a huge thank you to you, who have shared in this incredible journey with Bryann longer than anyone else. You are the true heroes, here. And we congratulate you both, on raising a beautiful, outstanding, and very talented daughter.

Congratulations, Bryann!! You are outstanding!!

Alison Trotter

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dear Readers,

Part of our journey together at Notable Accomplishments, is to share in the celebration of your story, too.  We would like to hear from you. We believe that when sharing a story about our lives, it is not truly complete unless we share about the journey along the way, about the stepping stones that have brought us to where we are today.

The first remarkable story we'd like to share with you, comes to us by way of  Jeannie Castillo, a Kindermusik director, educator and maestro all the way from the Philippines. Her love for her son, Jamie, has inspired us to continue our vision in what we do during this apprenticeship, and how we support Kindermusik International's new project for those with special needs and their families--a project called Kindermusik for Every Child.
Jeannie shares her story:

 Jeannie Castillo is actively involved in this new digital endeavor for Kindermusik International, and remains an inspiration to everyone not only because of her story, but for the authentic passion she shares in proactively reaching all children with Kindermusik, even with children who have special needs, great and small.

Stay Tuned to hear this beautiful story, from a very sweet family, that will unfold in just a short while...

Until then...take some time to get to know Jeannie Castillo, a remarkable mother and Kindermusik educator, whose family's story will capture your heart, and inspire your world with her passion for sharing music with all children, of all capabilities, and their loving families.

Jeannie Castillo

"I love teaching Kindermusik, because it combines my love for learning and music, while honoring parents and children, families, in the learning process . . . to me, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a child dancing in his mother’s or father’s arms, feeling completely and totally happy and secure.  I am so blessed that I get to share in these precious moments of our Kindermusik families . . . Kindermusik is truly a magical experience that I am privileged to share with the children and families in our community.”  -Jeannie Castillo

   To find out more about Kindermusik in the Philippines, please visit:
Jeannie shares her story:

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