Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The fun didn't stop at Graduation!

Our lives changed for the best when we received a call from Kristi from Palmetto Performing Arts inviting us to have Kindermusik in her studio. She thought it would be a great fit, and it sure is! Here are some photos of the past year in Kindermusik classes...

The Power of Mommy and Me Time..
                                                       Circle Dances are always a winner!

                                                          Daddys are always welcome!
                                            Especially MY Mom and Dad. :) Julee Salisbury, my
                                            mother is a Kindermusik Director and Educator, and has been for
                                            30 years! We've truly been able to learn from the best.
                                              My Dad might as well be a teacher, too. :) Here they are
                                          in class, with our son Walt Lewis. A very special time by all!
                    Moving into the studio meant loads of musical instruments. (OUT of my house :)
                                          We've come so far, it's been a beautiful journey...a journey
                                         that never ends! It's a joy and honor to have Bryann in class
                                        and influencing our son. Walt Lewis will always know her, and
                                                             that is very special to me.

......More to come!!