Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Sessions 2010 ABC Ages 2-4

Fall Sessions 2010 ABC Ages 4-6

Applying the Piano Component:  
Providing Children with a hands-on musical experiences through Instrument Play:

In Every ABC Music & Me Curricula for ages 4-6, there is a 'piano component' used as a tool to introduce musical concepts like the 'quarter note' and 'quarter rest'. Here, you can find us exploring the piano keys, each taking turns before introducing a new concept. Introducing your child to musical concepts in Kindermusik is a GREAT way to prepare them for future musical instruction on any desired musical instrument.

 Leading By Example: Bringing Useful Skills and Talents
 One of the best ways to captivate a child's interest in an activity during a Kindermusik class, is to model the task before them. Bryann gracefully demonstrates her piano playing ability for the children with a song she has committed to memory, Pachelbel's Cannon in D. Stay tuned for ways we incorporate her piano playing into the Kindermusik experience for these children!

“One mark of a great educator is the ability to lead students out to new places where even the educator has never been.”  
-Thomas Groome

Saturday, October 16, 2010

   Beginning of Apprenticeship in September, 2009
Continuation of the Apprenticeship 2010

A Tribute to my Dear Friend

As we progress and learn and grow
We've grown closer together more than we could ever know
It's funny to think of us never meeting
If our paths hadn't crossed,
or gone beyond a simple greeting

Never forgetting the journey encountered along the way
The bumpy road or simply a difference in pace
Always learning from life, being challenged and changed
Given to us both, a path is made, a way is paved

There is more to this story than words could attempt to portray
And these moments we spend together are treasures 
filled with meaning and purpose for each of our days

For it wasn't some mysterious fluke for us to have met
It wasn't an acted out event or a bet
It wasn't some made up or take it by chance
It wasn't a ready made performance or dance

It is for a reason, it is for a rhyme
I know in my heart, the plan was more than just mine
Our paths were made to coincide
We were made to have each other to stand beside 

-Alison Trotter