Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Week 2 (continued)

Somebody took THREE rhythm sticks.... And it
was Grayson. :) Bryann Handled the situation

She caught on right away, making sure he had the right amount of rhythm sticks to play with. In our training session, we worked on the same scenario and discussed this exact situation. Practical. Yet, hands on learning is taking place here, for both teacher and student.

Here is Bryann, guiding Katie to form a line with the other children.
(on her own, without my prompting)

Carnival Parade Circle March
(Bryann does a great job with this activity)             

Finally, I wish there was a picture I could have snapped of Bryann's face when she told me, 
"I got it." This was after she bravely and assertively responded to a child by taking  his hand, leading to the restroom, and guiding him through the steps, even down to washing and drying hands!

I followed her out to the hallway just to be sure, remembering how apprehensive she was to even the IDEA of it.  That's when she turned to me and said "I got it. I'm good"

I often believe that obstacles are there for us to simply overcome and feel good about our achievements. Ironically, we had just talked about how scared she was about taking a child to the potty. I later asked her what came over her and she replied, "I thought about my confidence."

Bryann took THREE children to the bathroom that day, which was a great help to me. 

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