Monday, January 4, 2010

Week # 7 A Big Notable Accomplishment/Teaching an entire lesson

At the end of this very special class, was a very special someone who believed in her from the beginning. Dr. Kathleen Marshall was able to witness Bryann teach her very first class with me.

After class, we took a moment to stand in awe of what had just been accomplished, and only after 6 weeks of training with me. Bryann took charge and displayed so much courage as she directed the half hour class. Well done!

Bryann's professor, Kathleen Marshall, was also there to share in the unexpected joy of her progress.

The support meant the world to us!

Here are some moments captured during her time of teaching that day.
This is a day filled with moments that will be treasured, and never forgotten.

The note card was a handy tool for Bryann to use during class as a helpful guide for transitioning to each activity.

....MORE to come!

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