Monday, January 4, 2010

During class today, Bryann matched pitches with some of the students. Since it was a big class, I took half of the students, and she took the other half.

She also helped me lead the "hello song" which is different from other classes because this is for the 4-6 age group.

She reminded the children about the class rules, ie, time out, no hitting or running, inside voices

She took charge and gave assistance to a child by helping her put her shoes on at the end of class.

Bryann also controlled the remote control for me during class which was a big help to me, but it also helped her in knowing when to hit "pause" and "play". This especially comes in handy when the children need redirection.

The goal for today was to help ease Bryann's mind about the technicalities of teaching. I don't want her so bogged down by the "manual" that she forgets how to ease into her teaching time with the children and still have fun.

There is plenty of time to fine tune each skill, but for now, we are keeping it simple with this class. And by doing so, a fun, non-competitive, no pressure environment is created which is maximizing the foundation for learning not only for our students, but for Bryann, as a teacher.

"Play is a major avenue for learning to manage anxiety. It gives the child a safe space where she can experiment at will, suspending the rules and constraints to physical and social reality. In play, the child becomes master rather than subject....Play allows the child to transcend passivity and to become the active doer of what happens around her."

--Alicia F. Lieberman, author, The Emotional Life--
of the Toddler

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