Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Week # 13 Welcome Back/Finishing of the Fall Semester

Bryann assisted me by showing the cards of 'Legato' and 'Staccato' to the children as we learned about long notes and short notes from the Hosted CD. One of our Kindermusik parents happened to come in for a sneak peek of the class and was able to observe and enjoy our time together.

During our circle time,
we could feel everyone's excitement
to be back in Kindermusik again
after the long holiday season.

And of course, we also felt good to be back together, and in the swing of things.

Stay Tuned for Spring Semester...!


  1. Bryann and Ally"Kinderlady,"

    What a great introduction to Kindermusik! I have heard of the program and now know I will take my grandson when he is a little older! What fun you must have! And Bryann seems to be a future teacher-in-the-making! What a dynamic duo you have become. I will continue to tune in and enjoy! Thanks for sharing your skills in such a delightful and informative method. Pam

  2. As teachers, we are ALL learners. As learners we are all teachers. I love the story of your inspiring class with Ally Kinderlady and realize the line distinguishing teacher and learner really doesn't exist at all.
    Carol Penney, Director of Education, Kindermusik International