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Kindermusik's Inspirational Educator Of the Year

Kindermusik’s Inspirational Educator of the Year

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Posted April 26, 2010

music teacher teach educator educate Ally Trotter Bryann Burgess KindermusikLast week Kindermusik International announced our list of “Maestro” educators for 2010-2011. These are the educators with the largest programs, our masterful teachers, and those doing significant outreach work in their communities. Our Maestros are a special group, and we couldn’t be more proud of them.

As well, we announced our Inspirational Educator of the Year. This year’s recipient of the award was educator Ally Trotter from Columbia, South Carolina. Ally has captured our heart with her incredible passion. Just as inspiring as Ally herself is Bryann Burgess, who Ally has taken under her wing to mentor. Ally writes of her mentorship with Bryann:

This movement began the summer of 2009, as a partnership with Kindermusik By Ally and USC's newly founded Carolina Life program. This partnership has united Carolina Life with Kindermusik by Ally, and is making all the difference in finding the stepping stones to making Bryann's dream of becoming a music teacher a reality.

Visit Ally and Bryann’s blog, Notable Accomplishments. We dare you to not be inspired by it! Trust us, it’s impossible.

Bryann had one of the most noble dreams we can think of – to teach music. Ally is helping her reach that dream. Thanks to Ally. Thanks to Bryann. Thanks to all our educators around the world who are helping make this world a better place.

You can learn more about Ally’s Kindermusik program, Kindermusik by Ally.

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