Monday, June 3, 2013

Eastern PA Down Syndrome Center

Wow! Has it really been so long since we blogged?
Between speaking engagements for Bryann and Mrs. Ally's new baby boy, this year has really flown by!

Here is a little write up about a special presentation that Bryann and her Mother were apart of..

Need a motivational speaker? You'll get TWO with this fine duo. (((BIG SMILE)))

"The first two things you notice about
Bryann Burgess when she speaks are her
Southern accent and her endless enthusiasm.
She started her presentation with the opening
statement, “We are so excited to be here”. You
can tell that she meant every word of it.
Bryann and her mom, Kathreen, spoke
about her early childhood years first; complete
with adorable baby pictures. When Bryann
was entering fourth grade, Kathreen decided
to begin teaching her from home. Her two
main reasons were that she felt even with
speech therapy, Bryann was not given enough
opportunities to speak. The other reason was
that they were not teaching to her strengths;
especially her creative and musical side.
Bryann plays piano and is currently learning to
play guitar. In addition to learning at home, the
family did quite a lot of learning through travel
in the family RV.
Bryann was accepted in the two-year
University of South Carolina “Life” (Learning
is for Everyone) program in 2008. She was
a commuting student. The program was
expanded into a four-year program giving
Bryann the opportunity to live on campus
in an apartment for the last two years of the
program. She graduated in the spring of 2012.
Bryann worked for the “Life” program this
past year assisting the current students. She
is a certified instructor for Kindermusik and is
actively involved with her local theatre group.
She will be performing in “Miss Siagon” this
When asked what words of advice do they
have for families their response was:
Kathreen: “As a parent, you know your
child best. Push for what you know will be the
most successful path for your child.
Bryann: “Follow what your heart is telling
From their presentation, we can tell they
practice what they preach!"

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