Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Week 1-Application class @ St. Michaels, Wednesday 9:00-10:30

September 16th, 2009

Today was our time to apply what we had gone over in our first one on one training session, which was yesterday. I am happy to say that our first day went very well at St. Michaels. We are working on classroom set up and positive, verbal encouragement with the kids as we do each activity.

I found that Bryann just jumped right into introducing herself to the children. She got down on their level, bending down and greeting them.During class, she actively participated in every activity and was a great role model to the children.

Bryann encouraged the children to have fun and participate by being an excellent, participating role model for the children. I was also very impressed with how she verbally addressed the group, on her own,  during a circle dance, by saying "Good job, everyone! And remember to have fun!"

And even though we had to take the children to the bathroom during the middle of the class, Bryann helped me in the hallway by singing songs with the children. They loved it! (We give extra time tacked onto the end of the class if we have to take a potty break for the children.)

I am happy with our beginnings this week.

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