Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Week # 11 St M

Bryann prepares to lead the children in a few activities...

In the picture above, she is redirecting the children to listen to the activity on the guided CD.
The children always enjoy their musical story time... especially when Bryann reads to them.

Here, Bryann takes time to pause the CD with the remote and uses this opportunity to *freeze* with the children. This is a great moment of re-direction for both teacher and each student.
Taking a moment to breathe and talk about the class...

Timely Tips for Teaching:
*Find another way to get the children to sit on their music spots other than "Sit on your music spot, please" (over and over and over)

*Pretend the music spot is magical. Talk about it like it's a good place to sit (adjust tone of voice to be happy when you talk about it)

*Encourage listening by giving them listening ears (pretend to hand them out!)

* Allow them to explore their instruments before each activity

*Don't be afraid to pause the CD before or during an activity to regroup

"A teacher who can arouse a feeling for one single good action, for one single good poem, accomplishes more than he who fills our memory with rows and rows of natural objects, classified with name and form." -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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